About Us

Bow Down Clothing was known as West Side Original.  It Started in 1993, out of the West Side of Los Angeles. We made simple designs to sell to people on the streets. In 1998 we took the designing and business to another level. We started off with West Side, South Side, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Parental Advisory Explicit Content T Shirts. The request for other Sides and Cities grew. We mastered production, bought our own equipment and opened our own manufacturing facility. Our Production is High Quality Hand Made...

In 2001, we incorporated in California and currently have our own production line. We currently have all states, area codes, major cities, and areas to accommodate the world. Our quality and designs speak for themselves. We are a Grass Root Original Company that understands what the people want and how to provide it to them. Bow Down Clothing is a business suit for the streets. Nobody Puts it Down Like Us.

Meaning Behind “Bow Down”

Bow Down – to bend down one’s head or bend one’s body in respect, agreement, worship, recognition, etc.; “He bowed before the King”; “She bowed her head to show respect.” The first batch of shirts we created had the designs on the front. People where asking for something on the back of the shirts. Some requested a 13 or an OG. We wanted to keep Bow Down Clothing neutral. We wanted anyone to be able to wear it. So with the help of high school days and west coast music, we decided to use the term BOW DOWN®.


Our shirts are made in the USA. We pride ourselves in being a “one stop shop”. Not only do we do our own screen printing, but we also carefully control the quality of our garments. Our designs will not crack after the first wash and the shirts are long-lasting, as long as the customer follows the care instructions. Once you run your fingers across the print and feel the high quality of material, one soon learns the difference between us and them. 

Jesse G (The Founder)

“Bow Down Clothing commands so much notoriety, that we already have individuals illegally using our style! To date, no other style has come close to styling T-shirts and apparel the way we have. Knock-offs cannot even come close to our high quality and originally designed merchandise. The Design needs to be LOUD and CLEAR. WEST SIDE, can you read this, do you feel it? Just like people wear the Lakers, Raiders, or Dodgers, we want them to feel the same pride they do for where they come from. Our customers feel good, confident, and respected when they wear our clothes. This clothing line is a business suit for the streets. Nobody puts it down like us. We are an original company that knows what the people want and how to provide it to them.  

ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTESKnock-offs have No Originality, No Heart, No Soul...  

We are “AN O.G. CLOTHING LINE FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE.”  Bow Down Clothing will back up our products and anyone who wears it. Wear these shirts with pride but respect all sides”. - Jesse G